About Us

Foundation Logistics & Services, LLC is a full service, multi-national logistics provider based in Houston, Texas. Our philosophy is simple: “A company is only as good as the promises it keeps.” Our promise to our client base is one centered on world class service. As a service industry, that’s all we have to sell. We are staffed by seasoned professionals in the logistics business, each with decades of experience in all aspects of international freight forwarding and supply chain management. We launched Foundation Logistics in Houston with great enthusiasm in 2014, boldly believing and doggedly determined to bring world class service back to the forwarding industry. It is our mantra, it is our mission, it is our purpose, and the reason that we exist. There is no finish line in the race in establishing benchmark world class levels of service. A service organization, or any organization for that matter, should never stop striving to reach the next level of perfection in customer service, and when you think you have, you set your aims even loftier – that is how you stay ahead of the pack – how you set yourself apart from all the rest.

We will achieve our goals with our decades of experience in all international markets and our highly trained and dedicated staff.

Mission Statement: World Class Service – Every Day – Every Shipment – No Excuses – No Exceptions

Vision Statement: In the race to achieve world class performance in logistics there is no finish line. We are driven by relentless and unwavering focus, partnering with our clients to press toward our common goals – simply put – Perfection.

Leadership Team: The Foundation Logistics leadership and management team has over 85 years combined experience for all modes of logistics, transportation, and supply chain management in the oil & gas industry. Each member of the management team brings a unique perspective, vision, and a proven track record of success in the logistics industry. Houston dominates as the epicenter for all energy related markets in the U.S. This is why Foundation Logistics is strategically planted right here in Houston. More and more energy giants are moving their U.S. & global headquarters to Texas so it’s critical that our executive & leadership teams are from Houston and well versed in oil & gas export requirements from here.

Larry G. Earley Sr. President/CEO Mr. Earley established his career in logistics right here in Houston in 1972 working for a number of local forwarding companies in various positions until he had an opportunity in 1985 to be a partner and co-founder of Elite Airfreight Incorporated. Elite was a rare gem in the logistics field and grew to be one of the largest, most respected and successful forwarding companies in Houston, Texas. Elite’s remarkable success was due to its management’s ability to find rare talent, employ them and then with their help, lead the company to the pinnacle of its success up to the sale of the company in February of 2008. At that time, after 23 outstanding years of growth, Elite was sold to a multi-national logistics company in order to launch the company to the next level in global, but mostly international markets. Mr. Earley remained with that company, successfully fulfilling his commitment to continue to manage and steer the dangerous goods division of Elite within the global organization until October of 2013 when he retired, took a year off to honor his non-compete agreement, and then launched Foundation Logistics & Services, LLC in October of 2014. Mr. Earley works closely with all management and staff to guarantee that what we promise is what we deliver – nothing less. He travels extensively meeting with our client base domestically and internationally to keep up with ever changing markets and to seek out potential new clients in virtually every corner of the globe.

Cindy Kemper-Jones Vice President/CFO Mrs. Jones began her career in logistics in 1974, fresh out of high school working for Behring International Incorporated here in Houston, Texas. At that time, Behring was one of the largest international freight forwarding companies in the world. Cindy quickly climbed the executive ladder at Behring with tenacious determination to make her mark in the industry. From typing material receipts, to eventually working her way into the office as a desk level agent, Cindy became a manager of the air & ocean facilities located at the intercontinental airport, and remained at Behring until 1985. After leaving Behring, Cindy joined with Mr. Earley and two other principals and helped launch Elite Airfreight Incorporated as a co-founder and part owner of the company. Today Mrs. Jones, is without a doubt, one of the finest operations executives that the industry has ever produced. We are blessed to have her as a co-founder & managing partner in our headquarters offices here in Houston. Cindy oversees the daily operations, finance, client implementation, and is our liaison with the carriers to ensure that Foundation is able to negotiate the best pricing and service with the airlines, steamship lines, and trucking companies to facilitate our service and pricing commitments to our clients.